Wow Factor, All Year Long

With House-Brite LEDs, your outdoor living space is celebrated all year long, illuminating your front and back yard with house perimeter, deck, stairway or pathway lighting with dimmable colour changing LEDs.
A permanent solution to putting up and taking down seasonal lights or celebrate the ‘Big Game’!


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Workplace Safety

Add safety and security for your employees with impact resistant Safety-Brite LEDs. LED lights burns cool, thus reducing your energy consumption, saves dollars and makes for a greener future.


Pageantry & Class to Your Establishment

Highlight your commercial building with corporate or seasonal colors.


Plan for the Future

Switching to energy efficient lighting represents a great opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, save on your electric bill, and plan for the future.



House-Brite, RV-Brite and Safety-Brite LEDs, offer lighting solutions that allow you to light up any space to your specific requirements. Eco Innovative Illumination offers a wide range of LED replacement lighting including; flood lights, induction and high bay lights, work lamps, canopy and wall washers.


Our Company

Eco Innovative Illumination was established in 2010 to research and develop a unique line of LED lighting systems that use minimal energy consumption. Our team collectively brings years of experience and strengths from a variety of business backgrounds, all reaching for a common goal.


Benefits of LED

Our systems are 12 volt, low energy and offer endless run lengths consuming only 1.4 watts of power per foot. Our patented PVC moulding and polycarbonate lens are impact resistant and UV stable. The leds are rated at 50,000+ hours of life so you can enjoy years of color changing lighting with the simple operation of a remote control.

Our promise is to improve the environment and the lives of those who life in it with our innovative lighting systems and to always deliver superior value to our customers.


Eco Innovative Illumination

Making a difference with Eco Innovative Illumination

Eco Innovative Illumination was established to research and develop a unique line of LED lighting systems that use minimal energy consumption. The result is a patent design, custom fit LED products that accommodate various industries. House-Brite LEDs for adding dynamic results to residential or commercial spaces. Safety-Brite LEDs for enhanced safety and security in industrial areas. RV-Brite LEDs for ease of living with recreational vehicles and activities. Our impact resistant LED lighting systems are developed in Canada, therefore, are designed to withstand any climate. More benefits to LED lighting include long life, energy efficiency, ecologically friendly, durable quality, zero UV emissions, and brilliant light dispersement. Contact us to learn how custom, energy efficient LED lighting and enhance your space.



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Eco Featured in Global Ventures Magazine

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Redvers & District Oil Showcase

Eco Innovative Illumination will have a booth at the Redvers & District Oil Show. May 8 & 9th, 2014, Redvers Recreation Centre, Redvers, Saskatchewan. Come and see our display of energy efficient LED products. Witness the diversity of our impact resistant,...